Warning: monster post coming at ya today! It was just too hard to narrow down the list to just 10, so I have my TOP 10, plus my honorable mentions! 

In the past year I've become obsessed with podcasts. I pretty much listen to a podcast during all of my time alone: driving, working out, cooking/prepping food, cleaning, getting ready in the morning and before bed.  At this point, I'm subscribed to so many that I basically have to listen during all of my free time to get through them all! So yeah, I listen to A LOT of podcasts. 

I'm breaking down my top 10 favorite podcasts, ranging from business to health & wellness, and a few topics in between. These are the ones that I have to listen to the day they come out because I'm so excited about them. 

Top 10 favorite podcasts | Malisa Lieser Planning

1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I found this podcast when I was on maternity leave with my second baby. We'd go on a walk and I'd listen to podcasts while she slept. It was a pretty dreamy situation! I love the practical & simple tips that Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth give to live a happier life. I also learned that I'm an Obliger from the podcast, which wasn't too surprising given my personality, but it was nice to put a word to it! Take Gretchen's 4 tendencies quiz here. (Let me know if you take it and your results!)

2. How I Built This. This miiiight be my favorite podcast right now. I found it somewhat recently and went back to listen to every episode. The podcast, from NPR, shares entrepreneur's stories- how they built their business, failures, successes, and insight. Guests have ranged from the founder of Whole Foods to Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran. The stories are absolutely fascinating, and it's inspiring to think that these small businesses have become widely known brands over time.  

3. That's so Maven by The Healthy Maven.  Davida from The Healthy Maven has built a podcast around health & wellness, stemming off of her blog about food and health. Her guests come from all over the map in terms of their health philosophies, but I relate most to the guests who advocate for listening to your body, and don't make anyone feel badly for their choices, whether that's to eat donuts - raises hand - or strictly count their macros. 

4. Side Hustle School. Side Hustle School is a short (7-10 minute) daily podcast about regular people who started a side hustle and have had success, whether that's $400 a month or $10,000 a month. The whole premise is that a side hustle is something you do outside of your normal job, and it doesn't have to be a goal to quit your job to pursue it full time. It's a way to diversify your income, and have a cushion for yourself in case something were to happen where you lost your main money-making job. The show just proves that there is a market for almost anything! And, my listener question even got featured in an episode

5. The mindbodygreen Podcast.  This is a new one, but I'm already hooked. mindbodygreen is a website all about health, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. They have hundreds (maybe thousands) of articles, classes and more on their site, so their podcast ties in all things health & wellness with the guests they bring on. 

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6. Success! How I Did It.  This one is similar to #3 above, in that it shares stories of business that started with an idea and are now household names. These stories are a bit shorter, so sometimes it works better for a quick ride in the car or lunch time walk! 

7. The Grit and Glitter Podcast.  I can't remember how I found out about Lauren's podcast, but I've been listening to it consistently for about 6 months, and was even a guest on it! Lauren, the host and creative mind behind Grit and Glitter Co. (which will be changing names/focus soon!), has a very energetic, bright personality.. pretty much the opposite of me. But it's contagious, and her passion is so inspiring. She brings on women to talk about the real, raw parts of starting a business, so it's right up my alley! 

8. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher. Jenna is a wedding photographer from Wisconsin who has more recently become an educator for small business owners. She offers courses and training for a fee, but on her podcast, she and her guests give out great actionable tips to help build a brand you're proud of, engage with customers, and leave a lasting impression. 

9. Office Baggage.  This podcast is geared toward professional women and the crap they deal with in a corporate setting. The two hosts are upper level managers in different companies and are serious when it comes to calling out men for their bullshit (cough, mansplaining, cough). They discuss the struggles women have in the workplace from harassment, to pay disparity, to not being taken seriously while adding a humorous tone and some swearing. 

10.Party in my Plants. This is a newer podcast for me, but I really enjoy Talia's sense of humor and laid back approach to health and wellness. She believes that being healthy doesn't have to suck, and I completely agree! Even if you don't listen to the podcast, I'd recommend checking out her site because it's so fun! 

Honorable mentions:
Yes, there are more I listen to! 

  • Young House Love Has A Podcast. I was a die hard YHL fan when John and Sherry had their popular home improvement and lifestyle blog Young House Love back in the day (and even got to meet them! <---- old blog alert!), and was so excited they started a podcast! Even though I'm not big into remodeling or decorating my own house, I still like to hear their stories and guests. They keep it interesting and engaging with trivia, things they're digging and other handy tips that anyone can implement. 
  • The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire Podcast. Jordan brings on a variety of guests to talk about building a business, health & wellness journeys, nutrition tips and more. 
  • One Bad Mother.  Hosts Biz and Theresa are working moms with multiple kids between them and talk all about the trials and tribulations of motherhood by injecting humor and swearing into their stories. They are great at making you feel a little more normal for your lacking parental skills or questionable bribery tactics.  
  • Almost 30. "Inspired by life transitions and the years between your twenties and thirties, Almost 30 is about having fun and staying inspired." The hosts bring on some great lady bosses to talk about a wide range of topics, many of which are in the health & wellness area. 
  • That's So Retrograde.  This is definitely the most hippie-dippie podcast that I listen to. I mean, one of their episodes was all about Jade eggs you put in your hoo-ha, so yeah, it's a little out there, even for me! The two hosts live in CA, so they talk about all of the wild things people do for their health out west. 
  • The Popcast. Their slogan is "educating you on things that entertain but do not matter." This is a fun one to listen to if you want something light and humorous, or want to stay up on the latest pop culture news! 

And lastly, there is a new one called Pursuit with Purpose by Melyssa Griffin that I think I'm going to love, so I wanted to share it! 

QUICK TIP: Listening to podcasts at 1.5 speed makes them go by quickly, and are still completely understandable! 

How to listen to a podcast at 1.5 speed

I'd love to hear what your favorite podcasts are! I'm always looking to grow my list!