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It's here! The third and final video on my go-to natural products. Today's topic: MAKEUP! 

I've always been pretty minimal with my makeup. I've never been big into eye liner, lipstick, or smoky eyes and I definitely have never contoured.

In our middle and high school years, my friend Lindsay (hi hooney!) was always experimenting with new makeup and had a giant Caboodle with all of her loot. We'd get $10 from our parents, go to the dinky mall in our town and buy press-on fake nails and cheap makeup to play around with. Ahh, the good 'ol days of Wet 'N Wild! She's definitely the makeup guru friend of mine and always has the perfect winged eyeliner and 14 lip glosses in her purse. 

I started cleaning up my makeup about 2 1/2 years ago and am slowly getting to the point where I love all of my products. Some aren't perfectly "clean," but I'm still weighing not using them vs. how much I love them. Today's video will outline the basics you'd need for a 10-minute face and an every day look. 

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I'd love to know of any natural makeup brands you use and are loving!