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homemade kombucha

Where we left off at Part 2, you technically have finished kombucha. So, knock yourself out and drink it! OR, you could add some delicious fruit to make it even more tasty. 

Once your kombucha is fermented to your taste, and you want to flavor it, it's time to move it into new bottles that have air tight seals, like these:

kombucha fermentation

Large bottles | Small bottles  (You can also get these at Home Goods for really cheap!)

Remember, you want to keep some of your finished kombucha to start your next batch if you are doing batch brewing! I save about 1.5 cups for an 8 cup batch. 

Once your air tight glass bottle is mostly full (if you like fizz, you want very little room at the top for air), you can add in fruits of your choice for flavor and fizz. You can use either fresh or frozen fruit here. The amount of fruit depends on your batch size and you strong you want it to be. I generally use about 2-3 tablespoons of chopped fruit for the large bottle.

Some of my favorite combos are:

  • Mixed berry: strawberries, blueberries and blackberries 
  • Blackberry Ginger: Slice 3-4 blackberries + 1 tsp fresh ginger 
  • Apple: matchstick or diced apples (see bottle on the left above)
  • Apple Ginger: Same as above
  • Strawberry: 2-3 diced strawberries (see bottle on the right above)

The options are basically endless. I haven't really tried any citrus flavors, and tend to lean toward berries for my flavorings. Bringing fresh ginger into the mix has been a game changer and is so refreshing! 

I generally let these bottles sit on our counter for 5-7 days so the flavor gets strong and a bit of fizz gets built up. Once I'm ready to drink it, I transfer it back into mason jars and store in the fridge. This stuff will last forever in the fridge, so no rush to drink it (but note that baby scobies may still grow in the kombucha, so if that weirds you out, just strain the kombucha before you drink it like I do). 

Now you're ready to start batch #2! 

If you like to feel fancy drinking your booch, pour it in a wineglass, add a few ice cubes and drink up! I love to drink it after dinner as a night cap, and now my husband is a convert, too! 

Bottoms up!