Thankfully this week was less eventful than last week on the home front. No injuries to be spoken of! I'm sure that won't be the first time we're in urgent care with an injured kid, but hopefully it's a while before we're back. 

My sister and I recorded our 5th webinar this week and we talked all about sugar- where it's hiding, different types, nutritional info &  more. Check out the recording here! If you want to be notified of future webinars, you can sign up for our list here


Sunday: Taco Tot Casserole (similar)
Monday: Sheet pan chicken thighs with Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, apples & onion
Tuesday: I went out, family had an Aldi pizza
Wednesday: Zoodles & meat sauce
Thursday: Chicken fried rice 
Friday: I'm going out for a birthday dinner with friends
Saturday: Family dinner at my dad's