Another week down, and I'm so close to being done with my Whole 30! I'm still feeling awesome and now am figuring out how to keep it up once January 30 hits. I'm definitely missing a few things like chocolate, salted caramel coffee creamer, Bai juice, and chips. I haven't missed cheese, alcohol (I'm not a big drinker anyway) or bread for the most part, but would like to add brown rice and quinoa back in. 


Sunday: Sweet Potato Chili ( I just made mine on the stove)
Monday: Chicken thighs with roasted apples, sweet potato and brussels sprouts (Based on this recipe)
Tuesday: Curry dish from Big Bowl (probably not 100% compliant, but I did my best) 
Wednesday: Zoodles & Meat Sauce
Thursday: Pork chops, roasted carrots, cabbage + potatoes & quinoa (for the family)
Friday: Burgers and roasted potato wedges
Saturday: Instant Pot pork roast 

Lunches this week were all leftovers, per usual. I had leftover prosciutto egg cups from my sister's baby shower so I topped them with my new favorite avocado tomatillo salsa from Aldi for breakfasts. Snacks were dried apricots, nuts, plantain chips, apple with almond butter and half an avocado with sunflower seeds. 

What's the best recipe you had this week?