Hey everyone! I figured I'd do my own day in the life post this week to share how a random weekday goes for me! I'm sure many of you can relate to being a working mom! 


6:00 am: Alarm goes off. Head to the living room to do 15 minutes of yoga. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and have been really loving this new routine.

6:20-6:40: Decide I’m going for day 3 hair, throw on my shower cap, quickly shower and start getting ready.

6:40: Violet, almost 3.5, comes into the bathroom as she wakes up. She likes to play with my make-up while I’m doing mine, put on lotion and look at herself in the mirror. She tells me (made-up) stories about her night.

7:00: Hair is thrown in a topknot with a shit ton of DIY dry shampoo and my makeup is done, so we head to Fi’s (1.5 yrs) room to get her diaper changed and dressed for the day. Half the time she is still sleeping and I have to wake her up, half the time she’s yelling “Eeeeeeeddie” from her crib as I open the door. Eddie’s our dog, and she has a real affection for him! I get Fiona out of the crib and snuggle her for a minute. She’s more cuddly than Violet, so I take advantage of a kid letting me just hold her. She’s been growing more and more attached to an Aiden & Anais blanket (and Violet uses one as a blankie, too), so we have to make sure that comes out of the crib with her, along with a Paw Patrol figurine from Violet’s game that somehow made its way into her crib.

7:10: Violet needs her nighttime diaper changed, too. Normally my husband takes care of changing and dressing Violet, but he wasn't feeling well the night before, so I try to let him sleep a little longer. Violet picks out her own clothes, so today she grabs her sleeveless pony shirt and some pants with hearts on them. Surprisingly, the outfit matches (which is totally rare), but she needs to get a long sleeved shirt to put under the tank.

7:15: We all pile into our room so I can get dressed. I always get dressed as late as possible so I don’t get anything on my clothes while dealing with the kids. My husband wakes up and turns on the light, and says he’s still feeling icky, so he’s taking the day off. The kids crawl on the bed, or run between our room and the living room while I finish getting dressed. I couldn’t decide what to wear, so it took me a little longer than usual.


7:20: I have an 8:00 am meeting, so we need to get moving. My husband gets up to get the girls in their shoes, coats and hats, while I rush to throw food into my lunchbox (thankfully an easy task since we have leftovers and my breakfasts are pre-made on the weekend), get my iced coffee ready and grab all of my bags. Fiona is clawing at the pantry and yelling for a snack by this point, so I grab a small bowl of goldfish for her and some “crunchy cereal” (Graham O’s) for Violet. I don’t love giving them snacks right before they are going to eat breakfast at daycare, but it keeps them from melting down for the car ride. #pickyourbattles

7:35: We’re buckled in and heading to daycare. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we are just quiet. If they have a snack, they are usually quiet :)

7:45: Unload at daycare, give hugs and kisses, and head over to work.

8:00: Get to work and try to find a parking spot. I’m going to be a few minutes late for my meeting. Thankfully it’s a WebEx, so it’s OK. Our parking situation at work is crazy, so being on time to 8:00 meetings just isn’t really doable right now!

8:10-8:45:  In my meeting, but I’m totally zoning out and doing other things while trying to listen.

8:45- noon: Breakfast at my desk, then work, work, work. It’s busy right now as I gear up for a product launch and our big annual sales meeting. I go between a lot of different tasks, but spend most of my time emailing, writing copy, and having quick calls with stakeholders that are working with me. I take a few breaks to check my personal email, social media and texts that come in. I will usually post to Instagram during this time as well.


Noon-12:30: Today I’m working through lunch because I need to use a co-worker’s Mac and she’s running errands over lunch, so this is my window to use it. I’m creating an app for our sales meeting, and while it’s been a super fun project that I’ve been able to pitch, lead and launch, everything has taken longer than expected because I’ve never done it before. Resume builder!

12:30- 1:00: I needed some help from IT and they didn’t get back to me, so I used some of my lunch time to eat and work on a blog post for a collaboration I did with Paper Riot.

1:00- 4:45:  More work. Emails, a few phone and in-person meetings to prepare for my app launch and our upcoming product launch. These two projects are essentially my life at work right now, and there are so many details, that I get really tired by the end of the day. I’m definitely more productive and alert earlier in the day, so it can be tough for me to concentrate and think hard later in the afternoon. I end up having to call an IT guy right before i’m leaving, so am running a few minutes late to pick up the girls. I shoot my daycare lady a quick text to let her know.

5:00- Made it to daycare just in time. Get a quick run-down of the day, get the girls buckled in and head home. We chat about the day and Violet tells me what they learned about manatees.

5:15-5:45: We get home, get our stuff put away, let out Eddie and head right to the bathroom for a bath.


5:45: My husband gets home and gets started on dinner while I finish getting the girls dried off and dressed in their jammies.

5:50-6:15: I head to the kitchen to help get dinner prepped. The kids generally play in the living room during this time, or hang around in the kitchen to “help.” They love the learning tower so they can see what’s going on, and are always swiping whatever veggies we’re getting ready for dinner.

6:15ish: Dinner’s done, so I get the girls’ food cut up, pour their milk and get their bibs ready. We generally get them started on eating before we plate up since they are hungry at this point. They do a good job eating tonight, so they get to split a homemade blackberry muffin after their meal.

6:45: After cleaning up hands and faces, the girls and my husband go into the living room to play for a few minutes before bedtime. I clean up the dishes and do a quick wipe down of the counters before joining them.

7:10: We all head to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Go potty, change diapers, brush and floss and fill water bottles before we all go to Violet’s room to read a book, play hide-and-seek and sing Ring Around the Rosie.


7:30: Time for Fiona to go to bed, so my husband takes her to her room to sing a few more songs. We take turns putting her to bed, so it’s my night to lay in bed with Violet and watch “cookie videos” on Instagram. She loves the cookie decorating videos by @SweetAmbs, @DoughmesticHousewife and @CookieInTheNews.

7:45: My husband comes back into Violet’s room to sing 3 songs, and then I lay with her for a few more minutes before saying goodnight.

8:10: The girls are in bed, and now it’s our time to relax. We grab a snack and some kombucha and head to the basement to catch up on a show or two. I usually will grab the laptop and work on a blog post or other content for an hour while half-watching the show. This annoys my husband at times, so I try not to do it every night. We also stuff and fold the load of cloth diapers we need for the next day.

10:00: Time to get ready for bed. We’ve been doing the 30-day yoga challenge class before bed at night, so we head upstairs and do the 12 minute class for the day. My husband is going to play some video games tonight, so I plug in my phone in the kitchen and head to our room to finish my bedtime routine.

10:40: After brushing, flossing, washing my face and checking on the girls, I read in bed for 15 minutes before my alarm clock light goes too dark. Time for bed!



What is the most challenging part of your day?

Probably the morning routine of getting myself ready, getting the girls up and ready and getting out the door on time. Thankfully my husband helps, but it’s still a challenge, especially with a stubborn 3  year old!

Do you have any tips and tricks you use to manage and organize your schedule, home and personal activities?

I use Google Calendar religiously, and my husband and I have our calendars synced so we always know what’s going on, who has an appointment, who’s going to be gone on what nights. It’s helped us stay organized and not overbooked for years now.

We also meal plan and have our meals listed on the wall every week, so it’s never a question of what we’re having for dinner.

How do you fit in ‘me time?’

I recently joined the gym and every Tuesday night, my husband picks up the girls so I can workout. I also try to go on Saturday mornings. Plus, I usually have something going on with friends once a week, whether that’s book club, brunch or a coffee date. Occasionally I sneak away during nap time on the weekends to get a pedicure, get my haircut or do some shopping. 

How to you stay present in your daily life?

I struggle with this a lot! Recently, I deleted everyone on Facebook that isn’t a family member and I haven’t had the app on my phone for a long time. I turn off all notifications on my apps and social media, so I don’t feel compelled to check it every time a like or comment comes in. And, I really try not to be on my phone between picking up the girls and bedtime, unless I’m using it to follow a recipe. On the weekends I try to get own on the floor more and actually play with the girls, too. 

Admit it, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure each day?

Drinking my kombucha and having a little dessert after the kids go to bed. It’s basically a nightly thing! We’ll have some chocolate covered acai berries, graham crackers with peanut butter + chocolate chips, or a little ice cream. And, The Bachelor. 

What is your favorite part of your day?

Even though it’s hectic, I do love our little bedtime routine. It’s a family activity, and we end the day together almost every night. I love the snuggles from the kids at the end of the day, singing songs and playing together. It also makes me so grateful to have good sleepers because once bedtime is over, I get some time to decompress from the day.