Another week of Whole 30 down, and I'm feeling fantastic physically and clearer mentally, too! Each time I've done this I feel amazing, but of course, life happens and all the foods I'm not eating now creep back in. A Whole 30 lifestyle isn't practical to maintain full-time, but I always have intentions of keeping up the habits I form over these 30 days. If I can just remember how great I've been feeling after these 30 days are up, I think I would be more likely to keep it up. But, let's be real, chocolate WILL be coming back into my life in 10  days! 

Keeping it short today, as I need to get some more work done for my day job tonight. It's busy season!


Sunday: Chicken Fried "Rice" (cauliflower rice instead of brown rice) | Similar Recipe (Not Whole 30)
Monday: Turkey sausage + veggie sheet pan dinner
Tuesday: My family had pizza, I had Chipotle on the go.
Wednesday: Pork chops, roasted broccoli + pan-fried potatoes
Thursday: Tacos
Friday: Stuffed pepper soup (I don't use the crock pot for mine)
Saturday: Out as a family

Breakfast: Mon-Wed I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a turkey burger with this awesome tomatillo and avocado salsa I found at Aldi. Thursday I had leftover pork chop, broccoli + potatoes. Today I'm home so I'll have fried eggs and a turkey burger with salsa.

Lunch: Leftovers all week! Double high five emoji for planning meals that yield leftovers. 

Snacks: spicy olives from Trader Joe's, fruit, nuts, Lara Bars, plantain chips

Have a great weekend! 

What was your favorite recipe from this week?