Week 2 of Whole 30 is almost over and I'm feeling great! I feel less bloated, energetic, more focused and have been sleeping really well (which may have something to do with removing my phone from my room at night, too). This round has been going surprisingly easy and pretty quickly, so let's hope that continues for the second half. If you're doing Whole 30 this month too, share the best recipe you made this week in the comments! I'm always looking for some new ideas during Whole 30s!


Sunday: Tex Mex Casserole  
Monday: Spaghetti Squash two ways - half with Whole 30 pesto and half with homemade pasta sauce- plus meatballs
Tuesday: I went to Whole Foods for the salad/hot bar since it was webinar night, and my husband and kids had Little Caesars (#imissyoupizza)
Wednesday: Homemade pizza (lucky family!) I did 2 portabella mushroom caps - one with pasta sauce and one with Whole 30 pesto- with pizza toppings in them to make it Whole 30. 
Thursday: Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (Obviously skipped the sugar to make it Whole 30 approved.)
Friday: Date night with my boo! 
Saturday: Family dinner at my dad's.

I thought I'd also share what I've been eating for breakfasts and lunches on occasion, especially on Whole 30 since I can't eat some of my go-to foods right now.

This week for breakfast at work I've eaten leftover Tex Mex Casserole from dinner on Sunday, or two hard boiled eggs with a Trader Joe's chicken burger with pesto on top, and today I'll have leftover soup from last night. Lunches have been more leftovers this week. Leftovers are key for me to make Whole 30 work on a budget! 

What was your favorite recipe from this week?