Today's Day in the Life post features a friend of my sister's, Megan. She's a working mom of two living in the Rochester, MN area who has the cutest style and a very envious Instagram account :)

Hi, I’m Megan Radosevich-- wife of 4 years to my Radarlove, mother of 2 (Lennon, 3 and Willow, 1), and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I get high off of productivity and toddler belly giggles. I hate cooking, I regret not pursuing my rap career, and I’m seriously considering getting my planner insured. I also enjoy hand lettering, home décor, throwing parties, and DIY-ing and planning pretty much anything. Mostly, I am content.  


4:15 am: (Plus or minus a few rounds of snoozing the alarm) I wake up to have a bowl of banana nut oatmeal with raspberries and get my gym gear on.

5:00-6:00: Head to the gym with my sister. (I couldn’t do this without her to help motivate me and keep me accountable.)


6:00-6:30: The quickest half hour of “getting ready” that I can manage. If not for dry shampoo, lash extensions (a mommy treat for myself), and recent social acceptance of a top knot as professional work attire, this could not be possible.

6:30-7:00: Wake up Willow and Lennon, grab them some dry cereal and milk to snack on while they ease into their day, and sneak in my kisses before I rush out the door for my first 7 am client (coffee in hand, of course). I cannot praise my husband enough for taking the “morning shift” with the girls most days of the week because it can be fairly chaotic and time-consuming to get them out the door. We try to make it less chaotic by selecting outfits (and other necessary items) the night before; and our next project is to create a transitional space in our home with a shoe rack, cubbies, and a bench, so we can have a “go-to” space for most of these easy to lose items.


7:00-4:45 pm: My work days vary depending on the day, but on Tuesdays I see six to seven clients and I have one staff meeting. Some days I have a gap or two in my schedule to grab lunch, make phone calls, or run to the bank; and other days I see clients back to back all day.  One day per week, I work later, until about 7 pm or so. My job is flexible, in that I can schedule my clients when it is convenient for me. Therefore, I schedule one late night, so I’m able to have Friday fun days with my little ladies. I am also in the process of starting my own practice, which I temporarily devote one day to and will officially start in January 2017.

4:45-5:00: Pick up Lennon and Willow from daycare (the best in town :)).

5:00-5:45: Dinner. Ugh. I have to say that this is my biggest weakness and I’m not afraid to say it. No matter how good my intentions with meal planning and healthy eating, this continues to be a struggle for me. Luckily, my girls are patient as I stall them with dance parties in the kitchen, while I anxiously brainstorm anything I can whip up in a flash. On days when I have something good and homemade to put in the oven, I feel like superwoman. However, this is very rare and I applaud you mommas who are able to pull this off more often.


5:45-6:15: Bath time. This is (surprisingly) my most slowed and down to earth time of the day. I get to just BE with my babies, learn about their day, be silly with them, watch them interact together, and sit in awe at how much they’ve grown since even that morning. 

6:15-6:30: Read a book to the girls and tuck in Willow. Willow goes down at 6:30 pm and will sleep without a peep until 6:30 am. I’ve been blessed with two VERY good sleepers and I attribute their success to a good white noise machine, sleeping in their crib from the get-go, and early bedtimes. And if nothing else, Just. Plain. Luck. (Malisa here- I have to 100% agree with all of Megan's "good sleeping" tools above! And yes, a dash of luck is always helpful!)

6:30-7:30: This is Lennon’s one-on-one time aka “only child hour.” This time with her also varies, but is typically used for snuggles, coloring, play-doh, and she loves to help unload the dishwasher.


7:30-8:00: Lennon’s bedtime routine (brush teeth, read book, potty, prayers, kisses, etc.)  This time is getting more and more exhausting, as she executes at least two new excuses per night with intentions of postponing her awaited bedtime. “I need a new blankie.” “I want socks on.” “I need a drink of water.” “I’m scared.” “I don’t want my socks on.” “One more kiss.” “Leave hallway light on.” “I’m cold.” “I need my nails clipped.” Lol. Somehow, I still find myself smiling with a huge grin on my face, as I walk down the hallway from my final “goodnight” with her.  She will also sleep soundly until 6:30 am, if not longer.

8:00-9:30: Whew…I have SO many desires for this time of the evening. This 1.5 hours of adult time. I want to watch a favorite TV show with a glass of wine, take a bath, read a book, go straight to bed, or just chat with my husband. Once in a great while, I will do these things.  However, most nights I spend this time completing paperwork (dictations, treatment plans, and diagnostic assessments) and cleaning up the kitchen.

9:30: My head hits the pillow and I’m out. It takes me less than five minutes to fall asleep and before I know it, my G-Eazy and Fetty Wap beats are blazing in my ear to wake me the next morning.


1. What is the most challenging part of your day?
Hands down, dinner time.  Part of me really wants to work on this and I probably will make several attempts; and might even become successful. And another part of me believes that everyone has weaknesses and I’m temporarily okay with this one being mine. :)

2. Do you have any tips and tricks you use to manage and organize your schedule, home and personal activities?
Yes, it is my planner…aka, my bible. I have carried a planner daily since the 6th grade and it’s fair to say I’m obsessed with it. I currently own an Erin Condren planner and I love the vertical layout to accommodate listing my client appts. However, I did purchase a generic Target planner for 2017 because it follows my 2017 pursuit to become more financially savvy and free.  Balance is key with family, social, finances, physical health, career, faith, romance, fun, and self-care. Self-care is pertinent in my profession, as I spend my days completely focused and consumed with the details and struggles of others. My job requires me to sit in close proximity to pain and it is difficult not to take work home with you, emotionally and physically (with paperwork to complete).


3. How do you fit in "me-time?"
I make sure to include activities I enjoy on a daily basis such as a loaded coffee treat in the am, my favorite rap music while in route, exercise or a day off of exercise, a spontaneous lunch date with a friend, a bubble bath, or bingeing (and by bingeing I mean 2 episodes per night) a new favorite flick. The most important thing is “if it’s not working, change it.” When the schedule and routine gets redundant, get creative and change it up! Rearrange the order you usually do things; give your kids a bath outside in big tubs of soapy water in the summer; eat dinner on the floor; give your kids a guilt-free pajama day; make a mess and don’t clean it up; let your kids ride the vacuum cleaner; have laundry basket races; and when all else fails, turn up the music, dance, and sing! (At least while your kids still think you look cool doing it :)).

4. How do you stay present in your daily life?
Although routine is my jam, it fosters auto-pilot mode. In order to practice staying present, I try to leave our weekends open to be true human beings, instead of human doings.  Also, eliminating screen time helps (at least until the kiddos are tucked in).

5. What is your favorite part of your day?
I’m a morning person, so anything that has to do with morning and coffee. Especially, slow weekend mornings.

Thanks so much for sharing your day and your beautiful family with us, Megan!

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