Snapchat is so fun; I really love it. It's the perfect app to share little snippets of your day that aren't Instagram-worthy or significant enough for a Facebook post. You don't have to craft the perfect background or have your makeup done (because the filters are on point), and snapping with kids is hilarious.

Case in point:

I joined Snapchat a while ago, but felt like an old lady trying to figure it out at first, so I deleted it. But then I was on maternity leave last fall and was bored one day, so I reloaded it to my phone, determined to figure it out, and once I did, I was in heaven. I've been gleefully snapping pics of my kids and food, doing Bachelor recaps while pumping, posing questions to friends and applying the filters for over a year now. 

But recently, I realized it was becoming too much for me. It got to the point where I couldn't go to bed without watching all of the snaps from the day. And I found myself just tapping the screen to get through them instead of actually looking at them or watching the full video. They are only 10 seconds long. If I were really interested, I could give it my attention for 10 freaking seconds. So I started unfollowing the accounts that I didn't look forward to watching, which helped some, but I was still staying up too late watching snaps. When you can't go to bed because of FOMO, it's time to step away (for me anyway).

So I deleted it from my phone last week. And I do miss it. Mostly for the filters and having fun sending messages back and forth between my sisters. I'm going to take a break from it for a while and see how I feel about it in a few weeks. Maybe I'll decide to get back on, but only follow my sisters and a few close friends, or maybe I won't really miss it after a little bit of time. 

In the vein of prioritizing my time, Snapchat was not a good use of it. I don't want to prioritize watching videos of people I don't even know over spending time with my husband and kids, working on my blog, making orders for my sewing business, reading, or getting to bed a little earlier. It's actually liberating to delete an app that is too distracting! 

If you have a hard time ignoring the 24/7 action on social media, here are some other ideas to make them less distracting:

  • Turn off any notifications that show up on your phone. Those little red numbers on my screen drive me nuts, so I eliminate the problem by turning off all notifications on my social media apps.
  • Use the web version. I'm in a lot of groups on Facebook pertaining to motherhood and small business, so there is a lot of activity going on. I deleted the Facebook app and only use the web version if I want to look at it from my phone. It's not as convenient as the app and it's kind of annoying to use, which means I don't look at it as often. 
  • Assign blocks of time for social media usage. If you really need to focus on other tasks, give yourself short blocks of time throughout the day to take a break and scroll through your accounts. You'll be more productive by not looking at your phone every five minutes, but will still get your fix of the latest news.

Are there any apps that you've had to delete because they were taking up too much time?