I blogged off and on for about eight years in the past. It started with a Xanga site in college. I honestly can't remember what I wrote about, but I'm sure it was thrilling. I'd take close-up pictures of my eyes and create (in my mind at the time) a cool header for my little site. I wish I could dig it out of its grave to see just how ridiculous it was. 

Then, I moved over to Blogger and wrote about my new life post college graduation. I was mostly single, or if not single, in a tumultuous and unhealthy relationship with my high school boyfriend, living in my first studio apartment alone near downtown Minneapolis, working my first big girl job in marketing, making $28,000 a year and trying to manage student loan payments on top of going out with my squad every weekend. I took horrible quality pictures of my apartment decor, clothes and shoes I bought with money I didn't have, my dog (because what 22 year old with no money doesn't need a dog?) and selfies (before they were known as selfies) with my ladies with my point-and-shoot digital camera. Hey, it was 2007; digital cameras were still a thing. 

  This is literally something I would have posted back in 2007. Wow, look at my pointy-toed heels everyone!

This is literally something I would have posted back in 2007. Wow, look at my pointy-toed heels everyone!

My blog had no purpose or strategy; it was just a stream of consciousness and my readers were mostly other twenty-somethings going through similar life events as me. I did have some loyal readers though, and made some online friends who still blog today. 

I met my husband in December 2008, and by then, I had gone into anonymous blogging because some freaky-to-me comments were posted on my public blog and I got scared of who was seeing what I was writing and what they knew about my life. Once I was in a healthy, serious relationship and was actually really happy in my life, blogging just sort of faded away. I just got sick of blogging. I don't really remember what happened, but I haven't actively blogged in about seven years now, unless you count that one time I had a new baby in 2013 and thought I should blog about our new life and then laughed at myself because what new, working mom has time for blogging?! (Except, now I have two kids under 3, work full-time and have a sewing business on the side and am starting a new blog, so...) 

So why am I starting a new blog?