Writing a year in review post is so cliche, but it's also a fun way to look back on all you did in a year and really see how much you have in your life. When you look back at the year with a broader lens, you can see all of the great things you've accomplished and the amazing life you've built, even though in the day to day, it doesn't seem that spectacular. So, even though I've only had this blog for the last few months, I'm going to do a full year in review anyway, because 2016 has been a pretty good year for me (other than the whole election thing...)! 


  • I finally realized/admitted that I was dealing with postpartum anxiety (read this article I wrote for more info), sought out a therapist. 


  • I went to my first therapy appointment for postpartum anxiety
  • I traveled to Colorado Springs for work, and even though it was in the peak of my anxiety, I enjoyed my trip. It was a challenge to lug my pump with me, pump on a plane and in an airport bathroom (Ew), have the hotel freeze my milk and bring it all back home with me (all over a 48-hour time frame), but I made it! 
  • We started "swimming lessons" for the girls
  • My husband and I went on an overnight date night downtown


  • I took a class to learn how to make my own kombucha (and am still going strong with it!)
  • I turned 31, and took a day off to shop, get a pedicure and go to yoga


  • I did my first vendor fair for The Brunette Bobbin
  • My uncle passed away, and our family made the trip up to the U.P. to celebrate his life


  • We planted our first garden and actually grew vegetables!
  • I did a pop-up shop for The Brunette Bobbin at Farmhouse Market in New Prague
  • I went to a Plant Nite event with my BFF 


  • We hosted our 6th annual summer party at our house
  • Baby Fi started walking at 10 months old


  • We had family pictures taken; the first since our youngest was born (and she was 11 months old..oops)
  • We did our annual pontoon rental for a day with friends


  • I went to my first Saints game at the new stadium
  • My baby turned 1 year old
  • We celebrated my cousin's Bar Mitzvah
  • I went to my first Girl.Creative event
  • We visited the MN Landscape Arboretum for the first time


  • My husband and I took the day off for our annual trip to the State Fair (we only go for the food!)
  • I went to a Paint & Pallet class with my mom and sister
  • We welcomed a new nephew into the family
  • My oldest turned 3 years old
  • I completed my second Whole30


  • I started this blog! 
  • I went to a book signing for Mommy Shorts
  • I finally got my alternate work week agreed upon and started having every other Friday off of work to spend with the girls
  • I met with my business mentors from SCORE for the first time
  • We visited a pumpkin farm 
  • I attended my first blogging conference (MN Blogger Conference)


  • I went to a Pinterest event in Minneapolis 
  • We celebrated 6 years of marriage
  • We hosted my husband's family's Thanksgiving at our house
  • I had another meeting with my SCORE mentors, and completed the start of a business plan
  • We visited the new upcoming exhibits at the Children's Museum as #PlayAdvocates


  • We watched the Canadian Pacific Railroad come into town
  • I attended the Twin Cities Collective holiday event
  • We hosted my family's Christmas at our house

Whew! When I started this, I didn't think I'd have a ton to write about, but we really did do a lot, especially as a family. Now that our youngest is a toddler, we have a lot more freedom to explore and be active, so I'm looking forward to doing even more in 2017. 

Personally, I majorly slacked in the physical activity area, but did keep our meals relatively clean and healthy this year. I just joined the gym again, and am starting another Whole30 on January 1. My goal for 2017 is to be more active, so I can be a strong role model for my girls and be strong physically, too. 

I read, listened, observed and absorbed A TON of content on blogging and entrepreneurship in the last quarter of this year. I spent a lot of time writing, planning, and daydreaming, so 2017 will be the year to actually implement. Early in 2017, I'm launching a free 5-day email course and will officially be offering services. If I say it here. it has to happen, right?

I also met some really amazing and inspiring local bloggers and small business owners through various events in the Twin Cities over the past few months who have made me realize what's possible and also have encouraged me to just DO THE THINGS instead of letting fear get in the way. I'm really appreciative of the extremely talented and kind people that are in the blogging/small business industries locally. 

Now, on to 2017! I can't wait to see what it holds!