Today's Day in the Life guest post is from my BFF since the K-grade, Lindsay Dessner! We've  been through it all together from first kisses to bad haircuts, college partying to broken hearts, weddings to babies. We've lived near each other and far apart, but no matter what, we've remained friends through it all! She's the Hooney to my Hana, not that that means anything to anyone else but us! :)


5:52 am: My daughter Ellie comes in the bedroom and asks for the iPad. I normally would get up at this time, but today I am working from home so I take advantage of the few extra minutes of sleep I can squeeze in before my son gets up.


6:30: I get out of bed and make coffee and Brecken wakes up and is yelling “Mommy!”

I go to his room, pick him and give him a big hug. He wants me to carry him to the couch and holds me tight. I love how cuddly he is. He remembers he found a Captain America ornament from the tree the night before that he broke and goes to look for it. When he can’t find it right away, he immediately starts throwing a fit. He’s moody like that. We affectionately call him the Sour Patch Kid because at first he's sweet, then he’s sour, just like the candy.  After I show him Captain America has been fixed, he wants to eat. He has breakfast at daycare, but always wants something right when he gets up. I keep grab and go stuff on hand so I can let the kids eat while I get ready. He requests a Pop Tart (don’t judge), but we are out so he settles for a graham cracker in his favorite blue bowl while Ellie asks for a piece of buttered toast.

7:00: Since I am working from home, I plug in my computer and extra monitor at the dining room table to log in for the day. As soon as I sit down, I put my feet on the rug below me and my foot touches something. My first thought is that one of my cats is on the floor. I look down, and nope, no cat, but instead cat puke. Go figure. After that fun has been cleaned up Brecken comes running over to me requesting to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume. I tell him we have to change his butt before he can wear the costume and he runs away from me yelling “I don’t want you to change my tooty butt!” I cave, change him and put him in his costume. This kid is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear! Meanwhile, I help Ellie get dressed for school, brush her hair and get her backpack ready.


My husband, Matt, is a store Manager for Menards, so his schedule varies week to week. Last night, he worked late and didn’t get home until around 11:30 so on these mornings, I let him sleep until shortly before I leave for work. I let him sleep a little later today since I am working at home.

7:45: Matt gets up and gets Brecken dressed and ready for daycare. I had originally told Ellie I would take her to school, but Matt offers since he is taking Brecken. Ellie seems a little bummed, but agrees to let Matt take her.

8:15: Matt has to leave to drop the kids off so I walk out to the car with him and give the kids kisses goodbye. Not even 5 minutes later he texts me that he had to pull over because Ellie was having a meltdown that I didn’t bring her to school. I don’t have the opportunity to take her school very often due my schedule and I am regretting not taking her. Total mom guilt.

8:45: Matt gets home and we talk briefly before he hops in the shower and I have to call into work for a meeting. By the time I’m done with my call, Matt has already left for work. We don’t see each other much these weeks and I’m alone with the kids in the evenings. The few minutes we had this morning was the most we’ll see each other today.

10:00-3:00: I stay pretty busy working from my make-shift desk at the dining room table. When I work from home I tend to get a lot of actual work done, but there’s always something in the house I try to do to get a head start on for the night. Matt will be working late again so it’s just me and kiddos. I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done and wash a few dishes in-between work.

3:00: I log off for the day and head to the grocery store to pick up a few things before I pick up Ellie from school. Once I get Ellie, I take her to Target to exchange a coat I purchased online earlier in the week that I had my husband pick up. Ellie wears a size 5/6 and he brought home a 3T. At the time, my immediate response was to be upset with him, then I realized it was my fault. I checked my order and sure enough, I ordered the darn 3T so I figured I better be the one to exchange it.


On our way out of Target, Ellie wants a snack. I get her some goldfish crackers and we stop at Starbucks for chocolate milk for her and an iced coffee for me. We go pick Brecken up from daycare and head home.

5:00: Getting the kids in the door is always chaos. It never fails; the minute we walk inside, before I can even get my coat off, all I hear is “Mom, I’m hungry!” On top of the kids, we have 3 cats and a dog that always greet us at the door wanting attention. I let the dog out (while not even taking my coat off) and grab some milk and a snack for the kids.

5:30: I realize I need an over the counter medicine, but really didn’t want to run into the pharmacy with both kids. Walgreens said they could have it ready in the drive thru. I loaded up the kids and away we went. When I pull up, there are two drive thru lanes and one is occupied so I head to the other. I ring the bell and tell them what I’m there for. The employee tells me the medicine won’t fit through the tube and that I’ll have to go inside. WTH. Really? He then says I can go to the other lane where it will fit. At this point there’s a line about 4 cars deep. Go figure. The kids are getting restless while we wait.

6:00: We finally get home. The kids are hungry, I am hungry, it’s getting late and it’s also bath night. I let Brecken have the iPad while I get dinner started. Tonight we're having tortellini and garlic bread. I gave Ellie a quick bath while everything is cooking. We sit down to dinner and Brecken won’t even try the pasta. He covers his mouth and says “Yucky!” and basically protests dinner. He took a few bites of his bread and said he was done. After dinner, I quickly clean up, get Brecken in the bath, spend time playing with the kids and get them ready for bed. In my nightly routine, I always lay out their clothes for the next day for one less thing to do in the morning.

7:15: Ellie asks to go to bed. Kindergarten is a lot of work and this sweet girl loves her sleep. I lay with her while we read a book, say our prayers and I kiss her goodnight.


7:30: It’s wind down time for Brecken. He always stays up later than Ellie and it gives me the opportunity to have some alone time with him. He requests to lie in “Mommy’s bed” but refuses a book. Instead we turn off the lights; he cuddles close to me and chatters away. After about 10 minutes or so, he is ready for bed.

8:00: Both kids are sleeping and it’s my time. Netflix and I have a date. I recently started watching ‘Parenthood’ for the second time and I can’t get enough. I sit on the couch with several baskets of clothes waiting to be folded and binge watch.

9:30: Brecken wakes up. He’s been sleeping like a rock star lately (knock on wood) but has been waking up around this time every night crying. I go in his room, rub his back and he quickly falls back to sleep.

10:00: Lights out for this momma.



What is the most challenging part of your day?

The most challenging part of my day is always mornings. Due to my husband’s schedule, I typically get up with the kids on the weekdays. I am balancing getting myself ready, chasing my two year old around the house, asking Ellie to get dressed about a dozen times,  getting the kids breakfast, and getting them dressed and ready for the day. It doesn’t matter how early I get up, I am always running late and I leave the house a mess. My husband often jokes that it looks like a tornado went through the house when he gets home. Ain’t nobody got time to clean up all the cups of milk around the house, the random toys scattered in every room, or the clothes on the living room floor where Ellie left them when she got dressed. I literally let out a big sigh of relief when I get in the car because I left all of the chaos behind me.

Admit it, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure each day?

Lately my guilty pleasure is Netflix! I can’t get enough of Grey’s or Parenthood reruns. My quiet time at the end of the day is much needed. I can relax on the couch and wind down from another chaotic day of balancing motherhood with work!

What is your favorite part of your day?

The favorite part of my day is spending time with kids. They are at such fun ages right now. Ellie is 5 and Brecken is 2. They are both so funny and entertaining. I usually can squeeze in a few minutes of one on one time with each of them every day and I treasure that. It’s so wonderful to be able to give them my undivided attention even it’s as small as a Target run or a few minutes of quiet time before bed. 


Thanks so much for sharing your day, Babsi! 

About Lindsay: I am a full time working mom living in a St. Paul suburb. I have an 11 year old step-son, Haidyn, our daughter Ellie, 5, and son Brecken, 2. I am a work in progress when it comes to balancing work and home life and have an added challenge of a husband who works crazy hours. I try to have the mind set of going with the flow, but it’s not always easy since I’m a control freak. My family is my happiness and I try to stay involved with a local mom groups as much as I can. I believe everything happens for a reason and strive to be a good role model for my kids. My life sometimes can be unorganized chaos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.