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Holy bananas, my skin is D R Y these days thanks to the Minnesota winter. I know my other Minnesotan friends feel me. I'm constantly applying lotion to my hands, and before bed, I lather on a nice thick coat of coconut oil so it can sink in all night. 

My face is also really prone to dry patches, especially since I've been on some more drying creams for acne over the past few months. This natural DIY facial oil has been a lifesaver! I've been applying it in the morning and before bed, and sometimes even mid-day if I'm feeling particularly flaky. 

I know some of you are probably thinking "Oil? On my face?" YES and YES!

I was skeptical at first, too, but as I've done more and more research, I've become a firm believer of putting oils on my face and can confidently tell you that it does not make my face more oily. Most cleansers strip your skin of its natural oil, so putting these nourishing oils back on your face helps replenish them. 

As someone who has very acne-prone skin, I was even more nervous about putting oil on my skin because I was sure it would cause more breakouts. Nope! I'd go as far as to say the oil has helped my skin in terms of breakouts because I'm using a few essential oils that help heal the skin (these are not required to make this facial oil, though). 


There are a bunch of different types of oils you can use, depending on your skin type, and Crunchy Betty has a great article explaining them. The oils I've chosen to use are Grapeseed Oil for my base because it's good for acne-prone skin and Rosehip Seed Oil for the nourishing factor because of it's anti-aging properties. 

After trying a few other combinations of oils, I'm really happy with how the grapeseed and rosehip seed oils work with my skin. It might take a little trial and error for you to find the best combo for yours! 

PS- Want to find out what your skin type is? Check out this short quiz from Health Style Hub! 


Ingredients for a 1 ounce bottle (you can use any glass dropper bottle): 
4 tsp grapeseed oil
2 tsp rosehip seed oil
(optional) 2 drops lavender essential oil (helps with acne)
(optional) 3-4 drops Frankincense essential oil (anti-scarring, astringent, anti-bacterial) 

1. Use a funnel to add the grapeseed oil (or whichever base oil you choose) to your glass bottle
2. Add the rosehip seed oil (or whichever nourishing oil you choose) to the bottle
3. Cap the bottle and gently shake it to combine the oils. You could stop here! 
4. Or, remove the cap, and add your essential oils one drop at a time, gently mixing the oils after each drop. Depending on your preferences, you may need fewer drops than listed above, so mixing after each drop can help you decide if fewer drops is enough.

How to apply:
Place 3-5 drops of the oil mixture into your palm, rub between your fingers, and massage into your face and neck.

In the morning, I go light on the oil, since I have to put make-up over it and I don't want my face to be too slick. In the evening, I'm a little more liberal since it has all night to soak in! 

Happy moisturizing! 

Have you ever tried facial oil?