Hey hey! So, I changed my domain. I decided that Purposefully Planned was a bit of a mouthful, and it didn't easily describe what this blog is about at first glance. Additionally, I'm planning to offer some services in the future, and wanted to have my name associated with the blog/website, since I want to be "Google-able" for the keywords related to those services. 

+ My site was down from Saturday afternoon until Wednesday, so I haven't posted yet this week. It's kind of scary to have your website down for multiple days, but I'm glad I did it while I'm just starting instead of further down the road! But, being without my site for a few days also made me realize that 1. the world doesn't end if your blog is down, 2. I was way more laid back about it than I thought I'd be and, 3. I'm pretty sure nobody even noticed :) 

+ I'm in my busy season at work with a big product launch and our global sales meeting, both of which I'm working on, occurring in early February. It's weeks like these that I'm so glad I meal plan because after a crazy day where I hardly have time for lunch, the last thing I'd want to have to do is think about what we're going to eat for dinner, or worse, have to go to the grocery store after work. 

+ My sister and I are cooking up a fun webinar series in January. If you'd like to get on the list to learn more, sign up for my list here! 

Now, on to the goods. Here's what we ate this week! 


Sunday: Beef chili
Monday: Spicy Thai Noodles (first time trying this; it was good, and very satisfying for being meatless)
Tuesday: Blogging event for me, takeout gyros for the fam
Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken Zucchini Rice (I add chicken to this recipe)
Thursday: Steak, home fries and roasted broccoli
Friday: We're going to my husband's brother's for dinner
Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm if you're in MN. It's brutal out there.