It's December!

This month is going to be pretty crazy because hello, it's almost Christmas. Not only that, but there is some exciting stuff coming up in January in collaboration with my sister, Fitness MD! We're still figuring out all the details, but let's just say it's going to be the two of us, on camera, probably making fools of ourselves, but having lots of fun! And we want you to come, too. Stay tuned for more... 

Aaaaanywho, on to this week's meals!


Sunday: Tex Mex Casserole- Popular Paleo
Monday: Grilled cheese + tomato soup
Tuesday: Children's Museum Event- no cooking! 
Wednesday: Homemade pepperoni pizza + roasted veggies
Thursday: Cream Cheese Chicken Chili in the InstantPot (check out my Instagram story that shows the process!) Also great in the crockpot
Friday: Burgers + Fries
Saturday: Chicken Parmesan w/ zoodles (similar recipe for the chicken parm part)

Have a fantastic weekend friends!