This is the first post of my Day in the Life series that shares the daily life of women (and maybe men!) from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, moms, corporate employees, bloggers, and more will share a typical day from their life, how they mange their time and still fit in some time for themselves. I always love to hear how other people go about their days, so I hope you enjoy it! If you want your story featured, email me here

Today's post is from Meghan Joy Yancy, a Twin Cities homeschooling entrepreneur and mom of 5! 


5:17am: Alarm goes off. At this point, 1 of 2 things is going to happen. 1. I slowly slip away from the baby using my breast as a pacifier and move onto my morning activities or 2. He senses my body inching further away and I end up falling back asleep with him because what's the point of getting up early if it wakes the cranky baby?

If I do manage to sneak away, I spend time in worship, reading my Bible, and writing/working on my website/journaling.

6:07am: Second alarm goes off and at least 2 of my 5 children are awake. I usually have a few cups of tea and we begin snacking on some food as I get our home school lessons ready to go.

7am-11am: Home school curriculum. Getting the little ones to play independently while I teach. Letting the baby nap on my lap while we do school. Snacks being eaten and messes being made.

11am-12pm: Sometimes we'll take a break to eat or have some play time. Usually around this time, we head out to the YMCA for a bit so the kids can get some run around time and mommy can squeeze in a workout (and gain some sanity). We make messes and clean them up. We get super loud and it gets chaotic while we try to wrap up home school so sometimes a break to step away is a breath of fresh air.

1pm-2pm: We finish up any leftover school, I fit in some time to work on website/blog things and check things off my to-do list. The kids usually play pretty well by themselves while I get some things done. We may do errands at this point in the day. On days they do not play well by themselves, I either get frustrated while trying to do my work and the whole day is in upheaval. Or, I try to pause my own tasks to sit on the floor with them and wrestle, read and just love on them.

2pm-3pm: Depending on the day, we’ll end up doing some clean up time in preparation for daddy to get home from work and dinner time. I usually sit down to a cup of tea at this point and the kids always want to join in and have a tea party with me. Some days, we are still doing home school at this point because little girls get distracted with American Dolls while mommy gets caught catching up with people on Facetime or working on her book and platform.

3pm-4pm: Dinner prep time. My husband should be arriving home by 4:30ish and I like to have a hot supper on the table when he walks in the door. I cook and we usually have some sort of dance party together in the kitchen.

4pm-5:30pm: Preparing for dinner, eating dinner, and clean up after dinner. It’s quite a long process. Messy, loud, and lovely. We go around the table and talk about our highs and lows and the kids love getting their moment to share. We use this opportunity as a tool to discuss the on-goings of the day and how we can approach difficult “lows” as well.

5:30-7pm: Free for all. The kids catch up on playtime with daddy. He's usually watching sports, and the kids are eager to play and run around. I usually tackle some house work like laundry, dishes and just general picking up and wiping down. Each night is different and this segment of time seems to slip away so fast! Depending on the season, we use this time for walks to the park in the summer, and snuggling up by the fire in the winter. Family time at its finest. Unless there are things to be done, then we buckle down and get them done.

7pm: Bedtime process begins. The kids start to clean up and prep themselves for bedtime. We have a bedtime snack (some nights), brush our teeth and tuck in with prayers and singing our nightly song, “I am Jesus Little Lamb.”

8pm-9pm: 8 o’clock bedtime for the kids. Although they lay down at 8, it doesn’t seem they are asleep and I can’t move onto the next phase of the night until closer to 9:00. Demands for water, potty, reading a book, and little arguments seem to pop up every night, despite my efforts to get a good bedtime routine down.

9pm-10pm: Time with my husband. We sit down to watch a show with a glass of wine, or sit and chat about our day. Sometimes we will read or work on our separate projects but most always stay by each other. He likes to stay up later, but I am generally ready for bed by 10.

10:30pm: I’m definitely asleep by now and besides being a light sleeper, I sleep through the night with my baby boy by my side.



1. What is the most challenging part of your day?
The most challenging part of my day has got to be bedtime. The kids seem to buck it at every angle and the process is so long. And as much as I try to make it sweet and lovely and memorable, it ends up in chaos. I just ask the kids for obedience so that I don’t have to get so stern and strict. Some nights are better than others. And sometimes it seems like a 1-2 hour process. I have learned to be intentional in this area of my life and create less stress by not getting worked up. I try to pick my battles wisely. 

2. How do you manage and organize your schedule, home and personal activities?
I write EVERYTHING DOWN. And when I say everything, I mean, everything. I don’t want to try to leave anything up to chance and forget it. If someone schedules something with me, I write it down immediately. I am a pen and paper kind of gal so I have a planner and also a journal that I bring everywhere to keep track of everything. Another task I find helpful is something I learned from the Oola book. Each night before bed, on a small note card, I write down 7 things I want to accomplish that next day that will help me reach my goals in life. It is simple and keeps me disciplined and on track for success and growth. It can be very little tasks or larger more meaningful projects I need to tackle.

3. How do you fit in me time?
“Me” time used to be a very far-fetched afterthought. In the recent years, I have made it a priority to consider myself at times so that I am filled up to be able to continually give myself to others. If I am empty, I have nothing left to give. My husband has been great with allowing me that time, by making sure to be with the kids so I can sneak away. As long as it doesn’t compromise our time together as a family and is strategically planned to not be overwhelming for our weekly life, it works for us right now, and I’m very grateful for that. 

4. How do you stay present in your daily life?
My entire life mantra is to “live for today”.  Although I don’t ALWAYS follow that exactly, it is constantly on my mind and I have reminders through my home and heart to continue to live life in that manner. I literally have a tattoo on my left wrist that says “today” and so even in the midst of chaos, I can attempt to get a handle on things and enjoy the RIGHT NOW. I have to be extremely intentional about it because life can get so crazy.

5. What's your guilty pleasure each day?
I have like 4-5 cups of tea a day and it is my little escape to this place of warmth and peace. If can somehow sneak away for a snack or special treat, it literally can make me just close my eyes and smile with this internal gratitude. Food WOULD be the one thing that is such a guilty pleasure for me. Even if that means sneaking into the bathroom with chocolate in my pocket and yelling to the kids, “Mommy is pooping right now!” (Like that would even stop them.)

6. What is your favorite part of your day?
The best part of my day, by far, is when my husband arrives home from work. Not because he takes the kids off my hands or because I finally can have adult time (because neither of those really happen). We soak up every moment as a family when he gets home from work and have family dinner around the table 7 days a week together. But mostly because we feel so complete and whole when he walks through the door.

Thank you so much for being my first guest poster for the Day in the Life Series, Meghan! I'm truly impressed that you home school your kids and have such a positive outlook on life. I absolutely love the tip about writing down 7 things each night. I'm going to try it for sure! 

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