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I'm all about kitchen gadgets and tools that make my life easier, meal prep quicker, or serve multiple purposes that make the precious space they take up in my cupboards worth it. With our limited kitchen space, we try to only keep things around that are used on a regular basis.

I pulled together a list of my favorite kitchen tools that any other meal planner, food prepper or home cook would love! Some of these would be great stocking stuffers and others would be an awesome group gift for the kitchen queen (or king!) in your life. 


1. Onion Saver: OK, I know this seems kind of unnecessary, because it's basically a bowl, but it's cute! We have one for tomatoes too that's shaped like a... tomato, obviously!

2. Spiralizer: Definitely my top go-to kitchen gadget! We got ours about two years ago and use it multiple times a week. It's a low cost item that makes a big impact and offers tons of versatility. We make zoodles, which is the obvious use for it, but also use it for potatoes to make hash browns or potato noodles, apples, onions and even broccoli stems for broccoli slaw (no waste!).

3. Vitamix (refurbished): This bad boy is like a blender on steroids. We use ours to make peanut butter, homemade ranch, Lara balls, any type of shredded vegetable (shredded carrots or cauliflower rice), baby food, pancake/waffle batter and of course, smoovies as my daughter calls them. This is definitely an investment, but go for the refurbished on to save some money.

4. OXO Good Grips Pop-Top Storage Containers: We got these as a wedding present and they're still going strong 7 years later. We like to store our flour, sugar, spice mixes/rubs and other dry goods. You can also purchase single containers in all sizes.

5. Pampered Chef Pan Scraper: Small but mighty, this little guy has saved me from scrubbing baked on food from my pans for the past 7 years. Winner!

6. Multi-layer Burger Press: This one is mostly my husband's pick, but he loves this thing for making even, uniform burgers. Whenever I try to make burgers, there's always one that ends up way bigger than the rest and they're all different thicknesses. This prevents all that junk!

7. Pyrex Glass Storage Containers: These dishes are the best! One of the sizes is perfect for pre-portioned leftovers, and the others are good for soups or other big portions. Plus they are easily stackable in the cupboard.

8. Silicone Baking Mat: Pretty much the main reason I love this is because it saves me from having to wash our big sheet pan the majority of the time. Anything that makes me wash fewer dishes is a must-have. Dishes are the worst.

9. Pampered Chef Meat Chopper: Favorite utensil! This gem makes the perfect ground beef/turkey/Italian Sausage and is easier on the hands than using a spatula or wooden spoon. It's one of those things I didn't know I needed until I had it!

Do you already have any of these gadgets? What's your favorite kitchen tool that makes your life easier?