Sadly, I can't add more time to the day. 

Most of us have a 9-5 to deal with and I guess sleep is cool, but man, those two things eat up like 16 hours a day! Throw in getting dinner on the table, bathing your kids once in a while, making yourself look presentable in the morning and maybe relaxing for a hot minute before you go to bed, and there goes your day. Peace out, see ya tomorrow to do it all again.

We all have things we want to learn, make, explore and research, and we should find time to do it! Here are a few ideas to add a bit of time back into your day to do some side work, workout, read, or whatever you want. (Or just Netflix and chill because you freaking deserve it.)


1. Wake up earlier. Duh, obvious! Also, ew. This one is not my cup of tea, but I will say that when I've used 5:30-6:00 am to workout in the past, it did leave me feeling energized and refreshed for the day. Plus, it can be really peaceful to be awake before everyone else.

2. Go to bed later. <raises hand> My bedtime has slowly crept later and later over the past few years. Now I'm rarely in bed before 11:00 on weeknights (but will usually be in bed by 10:00 on weekends!) because the hours of 8-11 are my side hustle time. 

3. Use your lunch break. Get out of the office at least a few days a week to run errands or just go for a walk. This time is great for getting crap done that wouldn't otherwise get done in a timely manner, plus it's nice to get away from work in the middle of the day. Or stay at work, but bring your computer to the lunch room to work on personal stuff. It's a great time to be productive! 

4. Skip one TV show. Ugh, I know, The Bachelor is coming back soon. Once our kids are in bed, my husband and I grab a treat and some kombucha, plop on the couch and catch up on recorded shows. I love our shows, but if I really need to get something done (that I can't do in front of the TV), I'll peel myself off the couch early and just do it. 

5. Stay off your phone. I can't even count how many times a day I reach for my  phone for no reason and spend 5-10 minutes scrolling through Instagram or checking Twitter. It's always amazing how much more I get done if my phone is out of sight.

6. Maximize your commute. Especially if you take public transportation to work, your commute is a great time to get stuff done. I pretty much exclusively listen to podcasts when I'm in the car alone, because it's some of the only time I get to do it. If you're not driving, you could listen to/read books, write in a journal, listen to music or just relax and enjoy the ride. 

7. Don't multitask. You guys, multitasking is a myth. Well, multitasking is real, but you aren't actually being more productive. I think we're all wired to multitask these days, so it's a tough habit to break, but try to focus on one singular task and you could get more done in the same amount of time. (Note to self: focus on one thing at a time.)

And if you want to sleep until the last possible minute in the morning, plop your butt on the couch with a bowl of ice cream to watch your shows and go to bed at 9:00? That's totally cool! We all need those days, too. In my book, there ain't no shame in doing the bare minimum to make it through the day once in a while, either. You do you.