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It's Thanksgiving week, and there's no doubt that pretty much every blogger will post about what they are thankful for. And of course, I'm thankful for so much- my family, our health, our ability to have a lifestyle that we like, etc. etc. But, I thought I'd make this list more fun and share some of the little things in life for which I'm thankful. 

  • Dry Shampoo: Check out my DIY recipe! 
  • Bai Juice: This has replaced my beloved LaCroix most days! Its like caffeinated juice and only has 1 g of a natural sugar! So good. 
  • Podcasts: My current favorites are Smart Passive Income, Happier, Young House Love Has a Podcast, Being Boss and The Popcast. 
  • My toilet night light. Yes, this is a thing and it totally helps for middle of the night bathroom breaks! 
  • Holiday gas station donuts. The pumpkin spice old fashioned one is bomb. 
  • Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee + Salted caramel cream = the perfect at-home coffee drink! 
  • My spiralizer. Zucchinis don't stand a chance with this thing. Definitely my favorite kitchen gadget! 
  • Brookside Dark Chocolate with Acai berries. So delicious. So addicting. 
  • TV shows: Chicago Med, Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor (it's starting up again soon!), This is Us. 

Ok, so clearly I'm thankful for a lot of food related things... I do love my food! 


Sidenote: I've been really emotionally affected by the events of the world lately (and not just what's happening in the United States), and have realized just how much I truly have to be grateful for. It's made me want to do a lot more for others, whether it's volunteering, donating money where I can or just being kinder to people. I'm really going to try to do that during this holiday season and beyond. There are a lot of things we can do that would have low effort for us, but make a big impact for others. I encourage you to do something kind for someone else this weekend! 

And to end on a positive, fun note, what's one little thing you're thankful for this year?