I'm super excited to share today's Day in the Life post, not only because this mama is amazing, but she's also my sister! Molly and I are just 18 months apart and are opposites in a lot of ways, but nobody can come between our love of chips and salsa, the movie Now and Then and quoting Dumb and Dumber. #killerbootsman

Molly is a 30 year old living in and loving St. Paul, MN. She splits her days between running two businesses; her own personal training company, Fitness MD, and the other managing her household and being a smitten mommy to an energetic 16-month-old son, Sullivan. She's balancing growing a business and a little boy all while finding the time to enjoy a glass of wine with her girlfriends and having quality date nights in with her husband. 


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5:50 am:  Sullivan wakes up, so I bring him into bed to nurse and snuggle. 

6:30: My favorite time of the day. Cheerios, morning cartoons, snuggles and play time for Sully and I.  

8:00: Hard boiled egg, oatmeal, and fruit breakfast for us.

8:30: Brush our teeth, change our clothes, pack bag up for our ECFE class. 

9:00: Sully's tired, so I take him for a drive for a car nap before school. I run to the coffee shop for hand-delivered vanilla latte by my husband, George, who's already there. Score! This vanilla latte sitch is a serious thing ever since our friends opened an ice cream/coffee shop (Cold Front in St. Paul) and I had Sullivan. Oh those sleepy newborn days ( or 12+ months..) of needing caffeine.  I look forward to either an iced (April - October) or a hot latte (November - March) every day. I consider it my, "because I'm a mom" treat and don't feel bad about it! 

9:35: A few minutes late for class to give Sully a few extra minutes of sleep. Now it's time for him to have a change of environment and play in his classroom with his friends. At this class, parents separate for an hour and there I'm able to learn along side other parents on various parenting topics. We bond through the topics over coffee, snacks and wonderful conversation. Today's question was  "How do you teach and instill your most important values and traditions in your child daily?" Admittedly, I panicked and thought to myself, "Oh, shit, what are my values? I have values, right? Yes, duh, you do. I think? BUT are we teaching them to Sully? Omg, we're failing at this!" 

And then, through the discussion and exercise we did, I quickly realized I needed to chill out, not be so hard on myself and that, yes, I/we have values, and very important ones to George (my husband) and I, and yes, we are making them a priority in our life every single day. I just didn't realize we were! For instance, spending quality family time every day together, teaching Sullivan respect for others and himself, teaching and demonstrating a strong work ethic and independence, and showing him the importance of celebrations and traditions are a few of our high priority values we do each day.  Whew!

11:30: Before class ends, I tend to stay in the corner for a bit and observe Sullivan before he knows I'm there. I think to myself, "How is it possible that is MY big boy sitting at the table with his friends so nicely and so grown up already?" I take a moment to soak it in and feel all of the feels of pride and joy before he notices me and runs over. I love observing him in a new setting. I learn something new about him every time: who he likes to play with and what toys and activities he's drawn to. 


12:00 pm: Back home and time for a lunch of Sully's favorite organic chicken sausage, cottage cheese, strawberries and mixed veggies. Usually lunch is left overs or some easy go-to staples like this one. While he eats, I sit down and have a bowl of cottage cheese next to him because I think it's important to eat together and have meal time be a place where we slow down and chat together.  My family did this growing up, and that it is something I loved and a ritual that sticks with me from my childhood. We always ate dinner together. This is one I'm passing onto my own family.

Once he's finished.  I let him play for a few minutes as I (we) empty and load the dishwasher. During this time we usually listen to kid radio and sing and dance before nap time..multitasking at its finest. 

12:30: Sully goes down for a nap, his nanny arrives for her 5 hour shift, and I put a chicken and salsa  in the crockpot for shredded chicken tacos the boys can eat for dinner tonight since I'll be home late. I do a few more quick chores like take the garbage out, catch up with the nanny, ask what the activity is for the day and get my work bag ready before I leave. 

1:00: This is when I suddenly feel tired and ready for a nap. I feel like I've already had a full day of working as a mom, but I now have to go work to make some money! 

Today, I'm heading to my husband's office first to work on some things. There, I write two programs for my virtual training clients, write workouts for my afternoon clients, guide a virtual training client through some food questions via text, and update my social media posts. 

2:30: I get my own 30-minute workout in  

 Seriously, she'll kick your ass into shape! 

Seriously, she'll kick your ass into shape! 

3:00-7:00: In these four hours I've trained 6 clients and had a quick phone meeting with a future client discussing a group program we're creating for his business. He's a professional disc golfer (ranked #2 in the country!) and we're setting up a group program for others in the sport as a training tool in the off season. I love the variety of my clients. I pride myself on them. Tonight, I trained men and women, ages 17-50, of all abilities and fitness levels. 

7:15: Make a run to the grocery store for a few things to hold us over until my big Sunday shopping trip. 

7:45: Home to Sullivan, who's still up with daddy despite a 7:30 bedtime! We do our family time of talking, playing, books, songs and snack. Now that I'm home, Sully gets clingy to me and lets us know it's time for bed by saying "ni ni daddy" as he grabs his stuffed elephant and my hand and walks towards his room. Bed time prayers and snuggles - another favorite part of my day.

8:00: I finally eat dinner with George as we watch The Voice together. 


9:00: I clean the kitchen and living room up, do a quick wipe down of the bathroom to prep for the nanny to come back at 7 am tomorrow. I usually try and do a speed clean of 30 minutes before the night is over. I pick a few things to get done and do them quickly. I really don't want to spend my days with Sully cleaning, I want to be present with him. So, this helps me balance the house and him a little more. 

9:30: Shower for me. I have to shower at night due to my workout and  an early wake up call. 

10:00: Finally, my bed. I relax and unwind by writing in my daily "one line a day" journal, check social media and listen to one of the podcasts I'm currently loving, Marvelous Moms. 

10:30: Putting the phone down and off to sleep. My alarm will go off at 5:20 am for 6 am clients tomorrow morning.  Before I fall asleep, the last thing I do every night is always say my prayers and take mental note of my blessings.  I'm happy, thankful and ...tired. 


1. What is the most challenging part of your day?

On an every day basis, honestly, the most challenging part for me is being in the moment...the majority of the time. Whatever I'm doing, I try to just do that. Whether it's playing with Sully for "x" amount of minutes instead of checking my phone / snap chatting him / taking photos, or instead of cleaning up something that needs it. Or, if I am cleaning something, just clean it and get it done instead of coming back to it. Since I am home half of my day, it's hard(er) to remember the little moments are just as important as the big since I have so many of them.
2. Do you have any tips and tricks you use to manage and organize your schedule, home and personal activities?

George and I use a shared family calendar on our phones where we add anything that we have planned individually or as a family. That way, there is no miscommunication as to where we are supposed to be and when. I'm also pretty routine about when we do chores each week: Sunday is laundry day, Monday is grocery shopping day, 30 minutes every night are dedicated to a few specific things to focus on cleaning since Sully is asleep. We also meal plan weekly for groceries which helps us stay on budget and eat at home.

3. How do you fit in me time?


I allow one hour out of the day for myself when the nanny is working. My husband encouraged me to do this after I had Sully. I use it to workout, read, run errands, go to a coffee shop, listen to a podcast...whatever feels "ahhhhh" to me that day. It makes a world of a difference for me and my independence.

4. How do you stay present in your daily life?

Ah, my number one challenge! I think for me, just being aware of my goal to be present helps me make a conscious effort to do so. It's important to me and I value it. I also write in a "one line a day" journal each night to reflect on the day.

5. Admit it, what's your favorite guilty pleasure each day?

Two things: my Vanilla latte and loving every second of admiring my favorite bloggers or social media favorites. It's just a quick (and free!) escape from reality!

6. What is your favorite part of your day?

Our "no phones allowed" family play time each night. That's when I feel most thankful and at peace.  BUT I do really love working, too. I'm training such hard working people and helping them change their lives; it's pretty amazing.

Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, sissy! I think we all struggle with being present in the small moments each day, but it sounds like you are aware of it and make special effort to do the best you can! 

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