It's my anniversary weekend - 6 years of wedded bliss to my Doodz! We're going out for sushi tonight, but I don't really eat sushi. I'll do a California roll or something with cooked shrimp, but I didn't even eat any form of seafood until this past year. These days, I'll eat coconut shrimp. Baby steps. So, our date will be interesting, but I'm committed to trying new things! 

On our actual anniversary, Sunday, I'm going to a workshop and my husband is staying with the kids. So romantic! 


Here's what we ate this week!

Sunday: Easy Stuffed Cabbage Casserole
Monday: Coconut Lime Chicken served over quinoa
Tuesday: Nacho Tot Casserole- adapted from this recipe. I'll post my version soon! 
Wednesday: Cashew Chicken
Thursday: Pork chops with roasted broccoli and quinoa
Friday: Out for sushi! 
Saturday: Italian Skillet - another one of my own creations I'll share soon! 

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Have an awesome weekend, friends!