Although I'm on a quest to become more present and less glued to my phone, there are apps I use almost daily that are really helpful in life organization, doing this blogging thing on the go, or passing time in the rare occasion I'm alone and have some time to kill. 



  • Google Drive: This is where I keep all of my files for the blog, The Brunette Bobbin and shared spreadsheets between my husband and I.
  • Dashlane: This app allows you to store all of your log-ins and passwords in one, safe spot. (read this post for how it helps me stay organized)
  • Notes: I'm constantly adding new notes when an idea strikes and I don't want to forget it. 
  • Google Calendar: Obvi. I even put stuff in it like "Bring $5 to work" with two reminders scheduled because I get really forgetful about those little things. Plus, appointments, any activities that are just for me (and my husband puts in his), when to give the dog his flea and heart worm meds, etc. It's so helpful to not have to actually remember those things!  


  • Instagram: I'm managing 3 accounts right now-- personal, The Brunette Bobbin and Purposefully Planned. Thankfully, Instagram allows you to easily toggle between accounts! 
  • Twitter: I'm not as active on Twitter, but I do promote my blog posts there.
  • LinkedIn: This is more for my full-time gig, and I'm not super active, but I do utilize the app occasionally.  
  • Boomerang: Makes super fun :05 videos for social media. (you have to take the video in the app for it to work)
  • Facebook Pages: This app is for business pages on Facebook, and how I post to The Brunette Bobbin page.
  • Timehop: I love this app for a daily trip down memory lane! 

Notice I don't have Facebook listed above. That's because I deleted the app a long time ago. The only way I can go on Facebook on my phone is through the web browser, which isn't a great user experience. Having the app on my phone was just too much, which is also why I deleted Snapchat over a month ago. 


  • Bitly: This makes shortened links of my post URLs to put on social media.
  • MailerLite: How I send out my weekly newsletter (sign up here!) and other emails to people that sign up.


  • Canva: This super helpful app helps me make most of my blog and social media graphics. They have pre-sized templates for all of the social media platforms and tons of free images/graphics. Perfect for a newbie blogger that has no money to spend on images/graphic design.
  • PicMonkey: Similar to canva. 
  • Instagram Layout: Allows you to put multiple photos together to create a collage.
  • Photofy: Allows you to add text and shapes to your own images.


  • Feedly: My favorite blog reading tool! Just add your favorite blogs to your feed and each new post will show up for you. You don't even need to go to the site to read the post! 
  • Podcasts: I've been obsessed with podcasts lately, and this is how I listen to them. There are a bunch of others, too.  
  • Pandora: How I rock out to BSB when I'm not at my computer.
  • iHeartRadio: I have to listen to Dave Ryan in the Morning on weekdays!


  • Michaels and Jo-Ann: If you ever pay full price at one of these stores, you're doing it wrong. Their apps always have at least a 40-50% off a single item coupon! Jo-Ann will frequently have an extra 20% off your entire purchase coupon as well. 
  • Cartwheel (Target): Use this app on top of your Red Card for extra savings. Most often the extra percentages off are on the Target brands (Up & Up, Archer Farms, Market Pantry), but every so often you'll find some solid savings on name brands, too. You can also use this in addition to regular coupons, too! Cha-ching.
  • iBotta: I've received nearly $75 back using this app over the last year! Each week, there are new offers added to the app. Before going shopping, I scan through the money-back offers and unlock the ones I want (you sometimes have to watch a short video or answer a survey question to unlock the offer). After shopping, I scan the bar codes of the items that have an offer, plus my receipt, and the credit gets added to my iBotta account. Once you get $20 in your account, you can transfer it to PayPal, or use the money to buy gift cards. Stores that participate include Target, Walmart, Hy-Vee and Whole Foods plus other retailers that aren't grocery related. New users can get $10 in their account, so use this link to sign up!


  • White Noise Ambience Lite: Our whole family sleeps with white noise every night. I like Rain on Car while my kids go for the Pink Noise option.
  • Walk for a Dog: Start up this app when you take your dog for a walk and it tracks your mileage. Once you hit a certain number of miles, it makes a donation to the animal organization you choose! It's totally free and a good way to give to a cause while doing something you have to do anyway. You don't even have to be walking a pet to have your miles tracked, either.
  • Think Dirty: Since I'm all about reducing chemicals in our lives, I use this app to scan bar codes on personal care items I might purchase. It gives you a rating from 0-10 based on the fragrances and chemicals used in the product. I try to shoot for products with a 3 or less. 
  • Nextdoor: This is a newer program, but it's like Facebook for neighborhoods. Neighbors post things for sale, missing pets, strange people sightings, etc. and someone from the city posts construction updates or things that impact the whole city. 
  • Clue: **WARNING: period talk ahead** Clue is a period tracking app that I found recently, after getting my cycle back. You can track your cycle, get notifications when Aunt Flow should be on her way based on your previous month's data, and enter different symptoms on each day of your cycle (helpful if you're trying to get pregnant!). 
  • Inspiralized: This is the app version of the Inspiralized blog, which I love. This one is a paid app ($1.99 I believe), but I love her recipes so it's been worth it for me! 

What are your favorite apps? Are there any on this list that you want to check out?