I put out a survey last week about the biggest challenges my readers and followers have in their daily lives. Not surprisingly, at least 50% of respondents said meal planning and meal prep were a challenge or their least favorite task of their day or week.

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As an avid meal planner, once a week shopper and food prepper, I can help people with those things! While I can’t come to your house and prep your food for you every week, (I mean, unless you want to pay me heartily for that…) I hope that my tips, tricks, hacks and planning tools will help make those things a little less painful for you.

And to give you some more ideas for what the heck to make for dinner every week, I’ve decided to share my weekly menu board on Fridays and include a link to the recipes if there is one. We do make up some of our own recipes, and I don’t have them written out (yet), so those won’t have any links. But, if there is something you are interested in, let me know!

Alright! On to things to check out for this week.

  • Canva: I’ve been using Canva, a free online tool, for all of my blog graphics, social media posts, Pinterest graphics and more recently. It has pre-sized templates for all of those things, tons of pre-designed ideas and saves all of your designs so you can repurpose them for a cohesive look. Check it out if you need graphics for any reason. I’m all over those free resources!

  • Instacart: Grocery delivery- need I say more? I love this service when we have a busy weekend and can’t do our usual 1.5 hour grocery trip. The prices for Target are the same as in-store!  It’s only available in limited areas, but if you want to try it for the first time, get $10 and free delivery on me by clicking here.


Sunday: Tex Mex Casserole (I added corn and beans to ours and used regular potatoes)
Monday: Asian Noodle Bowls with Steak
Tuesday: Trader Joe’s Coconut Shrimp + Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Quinoa

Wednesday: Pasta with Italian sausage and homemade pasta sauce (from our freezer stash) + salad
Thursday: Coconut Chicken Nuggets (our own recipe) + roasted broccoli
Friday: Meatballs (we wing the ingredients- my husband likes to experiment with spices and condiments in them) + fried potatoes
Saturday: Pork Chops (this is a favorite recipe!) + salad

I hope this is helpful in planning your meals next week! Do you like this kind of information? Give me your feedback!

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Happy weekend!