What's not to love about Costco?

They have yummy samples, an awesome snack bar, and oh yeah, great deals on a ton of great products. We make a trip to Costco 1-2 times a month and spend about $200-$250 between those trips. We haven't even taken advantage of all of the things Costco offers, but I'm still a huge fan of the food and household items on their own and find the membership completely worth the cost (and we earn that back, plus more, in rebate checks so we don't really even pay for the membership in the end). 

Today I want to share some of my favorite items from Costco, but there is just so much! I buy clothes from for myself, food (obviously), pillows, household items and have even gotten new tires for my car. 

So, here are some of my favorite items! 

1. Cage free eggs (pack of 24)
2. Bai juice / Obviously. 
3. Kirkland Whole wheat bread / We put this in the freezer and 2 loaves lasts us 3-4 months. (Not pictured)
4. Super extra large peanuts / These make THE BEST peanut butter!
5. Boneless skinless chicken breasts / $2.99 a pound for 6 packs of 2. (Not pictured)
6. Holy Land hummus / Love this local hummus! (Not pictured)
7. Kirkland coconut oil / The cure-all! 
8. Chocolate covered acai berries / A favorite nighttime snack. 
9. Minced garlic / We use this every day, such a great price. ($4.49 ish) (Not pictured)
10. Organic black beans (case of 8) / Still cheaper than non-organic individual cans.
11. Canned tomatoes /The best for homemade sauce.
12. Tortilla chips / This beast is $3.99!
13. Kirkland grain free dog food / Vet approved and so much cheaper than other grain-free brands! (Not pictured)
14. Kirkland organic salsa / I freaking love this salsa!
15. Carter's PJs for kids / Fleece footy jammies are usually $7.49! 

Tell me, what are your favorite Costco/Sam's Club picks?