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You've all heard of Gretchen Rubin, right? I discovered her last summer while I was on maternity leave and was looking for podcasts to listen to. I've been listening to Happier ever since and have learned so much about happiness and habits. Through Gretchen, and her co-host and sister Elizabeth, I learned that I'm an abstainer, a fox, and most importantly, an obliger (which would surprise absolutely nobody that knows me). 

But one thing that Gretchen talks about in every episode is a happiness stumbling block, which is something that makes you less happy, no matter how small, and is often something that can be remedied pretty easily if you just take a minute to handle it. 

You guys, I can't even believe I'm going to share this, but our master bathroom shower was my happiness stumbling block. 

It was seriously grooooooss. Like, I would be mortified if a guest would have seen it. It was one of those things that since nobody ever saw it, I just let it get worse. It was getting to the point where I would cringe every morning when I had to get in it. 

One of the things that made it such a downer was that we had this rusty, slimy metal corner shower shelf that had a tension rod from the floor to the ceiling. It was in there since we moved in to our house 5+ years ago and had majorly deteriorated. One day it fell on me while I was taking a shower (not the first time, either) and that was the last straw! I told my husband we were finding a new solution that weekend. 

 The offending shower. I'll spare you from seeing the inside. 

The offending shower. I'll spare you from seeing the inside. 

We found a nice, new solution that would not get rusty or fall on me, so one check box done! 

 Simple, rust-proof and clean! 

Simple, rust-proof and clean! 

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But, I would have been remiss to just put up the new storage solution and call it a day. The shower was still nasty! So, we busted out every cleaner, plus made some concoctions of our own to get rid of all of the mildew, scum, mold (yes, mold! Cringe.) that was all over the shower. I even soaked the shower head in a bag of vinegar. 

After all of that, the shower was 1,000,000% better. It looked brighter, the tiles looked whiter, it smelled clean and the rusty, slimy corner shelf was gone. And it literally took maybe an hour to do all of that. Why had I been putting it off for sooooo long? Lesson learned.

Is there a chore or task that you've been putting off that you know will only take a little time to complete? I challenge you to tackle the beast! You'll feel so much better if you do!