Hello and welcome you fabulous human! 

I'm Malisa, a Twin Cities mom of two with a passion for creativity, natural living and crappy reality TV. (The Bachelor, I just can't quit you.) My totally nerdy passion is meal planning, cooking real food, natural living and making efficient processes to help myself relax and get the most out of my time. 

Maybe you're fresh on the meal planning scene and want more ideas for how to get healthy dinners on the table, or you're an old pro and just like to see what other meal planning nerds are doing. Either way, I hope you find some valuable ideas here! 

Six years ago, I was newly married, in grad school and living off of Lean Cuisines, Diet Coke and boxed/processed foods like 100 calorie packs and oatmeal packets. I didn't know what those foods were doing to my body or the affects of artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives and that sugar is in damn-near everything.

In 2012, I found a blog called 100 Days of Real Food and started becoming aware of what ingredients were in processed foods and how they might be impacting my body. I also found out about the Paleo diet and heard of a program called the Whole 30 after a few of my friends had completed it. At the time, I thought these people were nuts for giving up grains, sugar and dairy (plus more) for 30 days. There's no way I could do that! (I could actually do it, and have 3 times since!)

But slowly, my husband and I started making changes in our lifestyle. It started with learning to cook more meals from scratch and reading more about what chemicals in every day food and household items can do to our bodies. I started paying attention to ingredient labels more and nutrition facts less as I realized that calories aren't as important as real ingredients to me. I learned what ingredients to avoid and synonyms for sugar so I could determine if a processed food was something I would buy. I learned what I was comfortable putting into my body and what I wanted to avoid. It has been a slow process, and is continually changing. 

donut family | Twin Cities Meal Planner

Now I'm a modern day hippie with my homemade deodorant and other personal care items and all-around quest to have as few toxins in my home and life as possible. I've even converted my husband (mostly).  We aren't perfect, but what's the fun in that anyway? Life is too short to not enjoy the birthday cake at your kid's party, or the special Christmas dessert. 

Being a working mom, I have to be strategic and smart about getting real food, healthy meals on the table, which is why I turned to meal planning, once a week shopping and food prep to make it happen. I've been using these strategies for nearly five years and have it down to a science to take the stress out of meal times. I'm a complete meal planning nerd and get pumped to do our weekly shopping trip. I'm here to help you do the same, and make a difference in the health of your family.  Ain't nobody got time to go to the store 3 times a week or make 1-hour dinners when you have kids to feed. 

If we were sitting together over a glass of kombucha, here's what you might learn about me:

Twin Cities Meal Planning Service | Real Food Meal Planning
  • I'm a mom of two daughters: a 4 year old and 2 year old. 
  • I've worked in marketing for 10 years at a variety of B2B companies in the Twin Cities
  • My husband and I got married at Target Field in Minneapolis in 2010. We were one of the first weddings at the facility since it was the first year it was open! 
  • I'm totally an introvert and much prefer a lazy night watching Netflix with my husband to a night on the town. If I do go out, get me home by 10:00 please!
  • I drink iced coffee all year long, even during the winter! 
  • I love doughnuts and have passed the love onto my children. We declared the doughnut our spirit animal in 2016. 

How can I help you become more efficient with your time, healthier and stay on budget?