It's 5:30 pm.  You just got home from a long day of work and picking up the kids from daycare or activities and are standing in front of your fridge wondering what you're going to have for dinner, again. You throw some goldfish crackers at the kids to hold them over and continue your quest to find something quick & easy, but healthy-ish to put on the table in the next 20 minutes. Finally, you find a half-full bag of pasta and a jar of sauce or some frozen fish sticks and get cooking while you double check to see if you have something green to throw on the plate for a well-rounded meal. You vow that tomorrow you'll plan ahead, get more creative with meals and get back on track with healthier eating. 

Sound familiar? It happens to us all!

We all have a million things going on and obligations to tend to but feeding your family meals full of real food quickly and easily doesn't have to be a huge, time consuming chore. What if you could have home cooked, healthy meals on the table without the stress? That's where I come in. 


What is real food meal planning? It means planning meals around whole, real foods and as few highly processed, chemical and preservative-laden products as possible. I'm talking vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fats, full-fat dairy and whole grains. When we eat real food, we feel real good. And guess what? You can eat real food on a budget, and get healthy home-cooked meals on the table in a reasonable amount of time.


I help busy families take the stress out of meal times by teaching them to meal plan, shop strategically and food prep so they can enjoy family dinners again. No more stopping at the store three times a week, or wasting time wondering what you're eating each night. Just simple, actionable steps that you can take to make a long-term impact on your health and happiness. Plus, you'll save time and money so you can make the most of life. 

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